V neck sweater with holes in organic brown

V neck sweater with holes in organic brown

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100% organic cashmere / V neck / design with holes/ narrow sleeves/ color: Organic brown / Style: W17-PC010

With a beautiful V neck and a delicate design with holes, this sweater is a wardrobe essential. It has a lightly tight cut with narrow sleeves This piece is made with 100% organic cashmere of the highest quality. As it´s organic, it has not being treated with any type of chemical product or pesticide. It´s 100% natural, undyed and unbleached. The organic white brown is the natural cashmere goat color, beautiful, neutral and very easy to wear with any outfit.

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Care instructions to keep your cashmere pieces impecable for a long time:

  • Always wash cashmere in cold water. NEVER use hot water, as it will shrink and become matted.
  • You can wash your knitwear in a washing machine or by hand. Hand washing is gentler, but modern washing machines have great wool programs that will leave the garment perfect.
  • After washing, always dry the garment stretched out on a flat surface. Never hang it up.



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