• Mothproof Cedar Balls


      Cedar balls are a natural moth repellant but are also used as a natural air freshener inside cabinets and drawers. The balls come in a jute bag.

    • Cashmere comb


      This comb is designed to remove the balls that may come out of your cashmere or wool garment and leave it impeccable. It must be used delicately so as not to remove more thread than necessary.

    • Sanitizing spray for cashmere and wool


      This non-toxic spray brings freshness to your clothes and removes odours. Use it to refresh your cashmere and wool garments between washes. It is made with lavender and cedar essential oil, two natural moth repellents.

    • Cashmere and wool shampo


      Our ecological soap is delicate with natural fibers such as cashmere or wool. It is an ecological soap and contains lavender essential oil (which is a natural moth repellent) and tea tree essential oil (natural sanitizer) It is super concentrated and is effective even at low temperatures.

    • Cashmere and wool care kit


      Our complete cashmere care kit includes: Soap for cashmere and wool: ecological soap with essential oil of lavender and cedar. Super concentrated and effective even in cold water. Wool and cashmere spray: Spray to sanitize and refresh your cashmere and wool garments between washes. Removes odors and sanitizes thanks to…

    • Cashmere baby blanket in light pink


      100% cashmere / baby blanket / 100 x 100cm / color: light pink / cable design

    • Cashmere blanket in organic brown


      100% organic cashmere / light blanket with fringes / 100 x 150cm / color: organic brown

    • Cashmere blanket with fringes in brown


      100% organic cashmere / light blanket with fringes / 165 x 135 cm / color: brwon 

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